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CB is our biggest need!

Can’t tell if serious.

We have 3 above average corners under 25 y/o.

All signed thru 2022 at least sans davis. Cockrell has shown flashes as well.

CB is arguably the last position we need, at least on defense imho.

it is for me, the coverage in the regular season was simply awful, all the way until the playoffs, and even in the playoffs, washington game wasn’t good

then suddenly they turned the page, but that was also due to pressure our DL was able to create!

Totally agree, it was tough watching that defensive backfield, which absolutely is the weakest part of the defense. Bottom half in both passing and 3rd downs, I’m on board for not just a CB, but a DB in general, like if you told me we could get another AW at 32 how is that not going to improve the defense more than a pass rush sub? With an already solid run D and pass rush maybe DB help could make this a real championship quality defense, instead of a one hit wonder defense, can’t count of every OL looking like the chiefs.