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Despite all of these infrastructure bills and money spent on infrastructure over the last decade, the current state of infrastructure still has issues. Why do you suppose that is? You don’t have the capacity to answer this question correctly.

Lol Biggs.

Our infrastructure is shit.

Just because they pissed on a forest fire with prior bills doesn’t mean our infrastructure is robust.

So you’re yelling at clouds again.

The Biden bill is a more comprehensive approach to infrastructure… and much needed.

But you knew that already and just wanted to pat your back…

ThEy AlReAdY dId InFrAsTrUcTuRE

It’s a hollow victory to be proven right on this one. Anybody with a clue could/can see you don’t have the capacity to answer the question as to why there are still infrastructure issues despite your precious government spending trillions over the last decade on infrastructure. You are simply too brainwashed. A perfect useful idiot.