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You’re argument here is ridiculous. Had the Packers drafted a LT for the future with their first pick, then Shaq may not have had a field day in their backfield in the playoffs. You can’t pick who gets hurt over the course of a season so you better have the best possible depth at every position. The Packers rolled the dice that if Rodgers went down, they would have a quality QB option playing forward. I know it’s been years since we were consistently good but expecting star status in year 1 from your 1st round pick is what fanbases from bad teams do.

When you are returning this many starters, you draft best player available to create depth and competition on the roster. What you really want to see is by mid to late season is these draft picks pushing the returning starters for playing time. We have a boat load of FAs again next year and having the flexibility to not bring everyone back will lead to comp picks in 2023 after Brady is gone.