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In other words you cannot generally be for dismantling environmental regulation and cutting all taxes and then not take some hit when stuff like this happens.

It is, as they say, complicated.

As I have pointed out in the not too distant past, I am somewhat of a conservationist. But I also believe there needs to be a balance. There was a movie a while back where a company was disposing of toxic materials in a local mine because it was cheaper than doing it properly. It had an adverse impact on the local community because it leaked out into the water supply or something. I think it was also based on a true story IIRC. Anyhoo, companies like that need to be screwed into the ground. But there needs to be a balance. You look at California and based on all that is holy it appears that most of the massive wild fires they experienced are caused by putting so called environmentalism ahead of common sense. Environmentalism these days seem to be more about cave manism than actually doing the smart and/or right thing.

So, to cut a long story short, yes I do believe you can have tax cuts and environmental programs at the same time. One does not have to be at the expense of the other as long as a balance is struck, and what’s more, neither one takes precedence for the sake of it.

Every us corporation manages to survive paying taxes in foreign countries and still making billions for shareholders

The state of Florida is fun by the GOP. The same morons who never fixed Piney Point AND who decried the American Recovery Plan …. aware now using $200 million from the American Recovery Plan to clean up Piney point. Lol

Low taxes are not some small government philosophy or economic belief. They are a reflection strategy.

As with EVERYTHING in politics there is a REASONABLE middle ground but the govt rarely falls on it because “ reasonable middle ground” doesn’t get either party elected