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This particular topic has to be tough for Trumpers though because ONE (not the only) natural conclusion is that a headline like this

“McConnell warns corporate America to ‘stay out of politics’ — but says donations are OK”

Just proves that the GOP is actually interested in keeping white people in power more than “free speech”

McConnell would never have been in power so long without corporations and, in fact, fought with his party to get a Supreme Court to rule that corporations had a “free speech” right that allowed then to donate millions to the GOP lol. That is why he had to walk back his original comment yesterday to this absurd “give me money but don’t speak” nonsense.

So, the GOP has cornered itself and frankly its Trump who cemented them there. ETTD.

Gone are the days of the GOP credibly claiming some high minded Constitutional issue was in play. It’s is now transparently the party of “white power” or “white culture” and that forces MCConell to defend a transparently racist GA law even to the point of contradicting himself and saying absurd things like the headline above.

There were 74 million Trump votes (less now by the day) BUT THERE WERE 81 million anti-Trump votes so the only strategy is to suppress votes. If that means clowning themselves in the process – complain about canceling Seuss while canceling MLB and Coke – the by god they will do it … BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE