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““If you look back in history, there has always been a series of far-right extremist movements responding to new waves of immigration to the United States or to movements for civil rights by minority groups,” Mr. Pape said. “You see a common pattern in the Capitol insurrectionists. They are mainly middle-class to upper-middle-class whites who are worried that, as social changes occur around them, they will see a decline in their status in the future.”

Counties with the most significant declines in the non-Hispanic white population are the most likely to produce insurrectionists. This finding held true, Mr. Pape determined, even when controlling for population size, distance to Washington, unemployment rate and urban or rural location.”

It wasn’t just “far” right and its certainly not new. Here’s a cartoon about the Catholic invasion. You’ll notice that the alligators are wearing pope hats. When I hear MAGA and these types talk about globalists, this reminds me of the time when people thought Catholics were more beholden to the Pope and therefore couldn’t be good Americans. And today the MAGA types think that if you believe in trying to work with a world group such as the UN, the Paris Agreement, or basically anything where you are trying to cooperate with other countries you are being a traitor to your country and you don’t care about America. Its sad that so many Americans still have this warped perspective.