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While narrating the package, CBS’ Sharyn Alfonsi referenced comments from McKinlay, saying she told CBS that “the Governor never met with her about the Publix deal.” Immediately after citing McKinlay’s comments, the segment cut to Alfonsi questioning DeSantis, saying, “The criticism here is that is pay for play, Governor.”

McKinlay, however, clarified Monday she made no such claim. “I’m not getting into [the] pay to play argument,” McKinlay added on Twitter. “That wasn’t my concern.”

McKinlay added that she supported involving Publix in the distribution plan, but she simply wanted the state to ensure rural residents had easily accessible vaccination sites as well. Two weeks later, the state complied.

So, from this article, it seems her main problem was she wasn’t at the meeting with the mayor and other county representatives.

not about being at the meeting, its that the Publix plan wouldn’t help her rural constituents