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No. The Bucs already have a backup QB. If the Bucs make any moves this year to obtain a QB, it will be looking at someone young to groom for a year or 2 behind Brady.

do they though? i didn’t think Blaine or Ryan were under contract yet?

Only way i consider Teddy is if he is released and will take a Winston type $1M type deal. Otherwise we can’t afford him.

Our priorities have to be:

1 – Re-sign Antonio Brown at 1 year, $5M deal with some voidable years. Quit playing around. Dude caught 2 touchdowns in the playoffs and really came alive last few games of regular season. Is he crazy? For sure. But he acted human last year and i think he’s easily worth what guys like Keenan Cole and DeSean Jackson got. He’s much better than them. Not sure what he is looking for but he shouldn’t balk at $5M.

2 – Re-sign Blaine Gabbert at QB to 1 year, $1.5M deal

3 – Draft for depth and guys that have good shot to make team – Edge, DL, CB, S, OL, QB, etc. By QB, i mean a guy in rounds 3 through 5 that can maybe amount to something after a few years on the bench.