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“McKinlay is standing by her concerns raised at the time, but emphasized Monday that her problem with the plan related to issues surrounding rural access to the vaccines — not a purported pay-to-play arrangement.

“I’ve lived in Florida long enough to know Publix is an institution. I remember getting my free cookies as a child and I even worked there as a teenager. They are a fabulous partner and I never objected to them playing a role in my county,” McKinlay said Monday.

“I had one point — the complete failure by the Governor to recognize that a decision to strictly utilize Publix would have a detrimental impact on Florida’s rural communities. These rural communities are my constituents. I advocate fiercely for them. Palm Beach County is not all mansions and beachfront. My district encompasses 70% of the land mass in this county and most of that is rural, agricultural communities. A decision to provide vaccines to Publix meant my constituents had a nearly 30-mile commute in one direction to reach a Publix and a 78-mile commute in the other.”