Team Pteranodon

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If we prioritze a RB in the first 2 rounds over Edge, IDL or OL it will be a disaster from a team building perspective.

Edge rotation – Shaq is great, JPP who’s playing on 1 knee, 32 years old, last year of contract and Nelson who should be barely a 4th edge guy on a DC playing above his role. No one else worth even mentioning. Need an infusion of high level talent fast.

IDL rotation – Vea coming off a serious injury (questions have to start being asked bout his durability). Suh 34 years old and last year you would say. Rochez is the main backup guy and he’s not good. Playing above his role.

OL has Cappa coming out of contract likely wanting a big deal. Jensen out of contract.

RB dime a dize.

This long term team building stuff is meaningless without mentioning the 44 year old QB. That’s exactly why it’s not about long term anything right now, because without a QB that DL you want for the future isn’t winning anything.