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Team speed is the name of the game. None of the RBs I feel are the blazers that are worth a first round selection.

My guess is the Bucs go defense. A quick DL, a fast LB, a high twitch edge rusher or a lightning quick DB.

Kamara is not a blazer, ran a 4.53. I wanted him badly at the top of the 2nd. I wanted him more than anyone on this board and couldn’t stand when the Saints stole him in the 3rd.

Etienne clocked a 4.41 and 4.43.

Like Boid said both our top 2 RB’s have enough speed but neither of them can catch consistently nor do much once they do. Brady with a top pass catching back would be insane, heck a top pass catching RB is great for ANY qb let alone the GOAT.