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Ok, so your logic is Jensen and Cappa’s contracts expire after next season, so we shouldn’t draft a HB. Hmmm.. you do realize Rojo and Fournette both are in contract years too.

Best player available is the way to go.

RB is a week to week position. Not even year to year anymore. Fournette was a healthy scratch at the end of the year. RoJo gets hurt and now he’s the man. The right guard or center pick at 32 should play 10 years.

if KC showed us anything, depth on the offensive line could be a season ender.

Fournette, RoJo, heck even Keyshawn Vaughn should all be capable of carrying the load.

Stinnie filled in nicely for Cappa but what if Jensen, Smith, or Wirfs were to miss time? Certainly think OL should be prioritized over RB

GB also. I know they had atleast 2 starting OL out when we played them in playoffs. And like KC, they donked off a premium pick at RB.