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As much as I’d love for us to re-stock the O-line, I have a feeling Licht and BA are going to prioritize players who can contribute and get on the field NOW, not in the future, seeing as we’re in win NOW mode. Don’t see it happening in round 1. Our tackles are set for the next 4 years, that’s where the true value is in the first round this year.

If we’re going to move up to 21 to get our guy, I’m hoping it’s for Jaelen Phillips or Patrick Surtain/Jaycee Horn.

Those guys will get on the field and be able to make an impact in their rookie seasons.

That’s a false narrative. Bucs had over 700 offensive snaps from backup offensive linemen last year. And Cappa is a JAG, a 1st round pick can easily take his job.