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I know many have said this but, Brate’s cap figure is a problem.

id be quite surprised if Brate doesn’t restructure similar to last year at the 4-4.5M range, saving the team $2M. No way we want to cut him with Gronk and OJ injury issues and Cam’s chemistry with Tom. Question becomes if Cam wants to remain on the team or go to a team with better chance to play more. I’d think hed want to remain playing with the GOAT and again of the off chance of the top 2 guys missing time.

The Bucs will have to make another move either with JPP or Godwin in terms of extensions. Right now we are up against the cap and will need about $7M for draft picks, another $3M for Antonio Brown and Blaine Gabbert (assuming they structure with some voidable years. I’d say they are worth about $6.5-$7M in total – Antonio should get $5M)