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There will always be evil in this world. I wish he was shot dead before he was able to kill those victims. Sick individual.

Honestly you wonder what the solution is. It’s the age old debate of no guns versus mental health and our government wont do anything meaningful about it. (i.e. democrats control senate, congress, presidency) and little will change yet media will blame the right for resistance yet they have no say over the situation of gun control in terms of the power these next 2 years.

With close to 400 million guns in a country of 330 million people, i’d hate to be the military person the president sent house to house to collect those guns. You want to talk about mass shootings lol.

what’s the real solution? I propose a barbaric solution of torture (i.e. castration, lit on fire, on pay per view) if somebody is caught alive but then wouldnt have solved this situation.

open to ideas but all gun control would do in my mind is throw innocent minorities in jail, i.e. Clintons war on drugs bill of the 90s. May have meant well initially but wont be carried about as originally thought.