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I’m fine with them taking a guard, I just don’t see the value in the first.. would feel like a bit of a reach, especially if we’re moving UP in the first round.

What’s the point of this exercise if a person can’t express their own thoughts?

How can grabbing a G like Vera-Tucker be very useful and impactful today? He can be a better run blocker in the run game and pass blocker in the passing game as a guard. Also, he has scouting report that he starts off at guard and then transitions to left tackle. This works for today and the future if the Bucs decide to move on from Donovan Smith, but also a better option for an immediate starter at either tackle position.

Personally, I wouldn’t trade up because you’re removing an extra talent from the 2nd round. Grab a DL in the first and an iOL in the 2nd round. I would use a fourth round pick to move up in the 2nd round, though.

Edge Phillips would probably the consensus trade up. It’s either him or his teammate Rousseau.