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Meanwhile, in the non Trump fluffer real world:

More infrastructure spending was Trump’s most popular promise in his presidential campaign, with approval from two thirds of Americans.

In his first speech as President-elect, Trump vowed to “begin the urgent task of rebuilding” the United States of America.’

“In his 2019 State of the Union address, Trump once again called for investments in infrastructure, but offered very few specifics.”

“The problem of aging infrastructure cannot be addressed by the individual states because the costs are too high, meaning the federal government has to be involved. The federal tax on fuels, a major source of revenue for infrastructure spending, remains the same as it was in 1993, at $0.183 per gallon ($0.048 per liter).

“In addition, the Highway Trust Fund is losing its effectiveness thanks to improving energy efficiency and the arrival of alternative-fuel vehicles whose owners do not have to pay the gas tax.”

But hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of infrastructure bills . . all, no doubt, right from AOC’s manifesto