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If you don’t think Jackson or Allen are slam dunks then I don’t know what is. I see your point about how its risky to draft a QB with your first round pick. But the 2nd rounder is a different story simply because you aren’t risking as much. You are only risking a 2nd rounder and you still can come up with a guy who be a bridge-type starter.

Just for the sake of argument, lets say the Bucs traded into the mid 2nd round to get Mills or somebody like that who’s upside is a serviceable, bridge type QB. If you are the Bucs do you use a 2nd round pick on a bridge QB?

prior to last year, Josh Allen had 2 seasons of a completion percentage under 60% and combined for 30 touchdowns to 21 INTs. (15 TDs to 10.5 INTs per season.) Dont get me wrong, he was a stud last year at 37 TDs, 10 INTs and 69% completion percentage but i remember Carson Wents in 2017 having an MVP type year only to become the mediocre at best guy he is now. It’s looking good for Josh Allen but let me see him repeat it in 2021

agree that Lamar Jackson might be able to be listed next to Mahomes and Watson lol.

as for Bucs using a second round pick, he will sit on the bench for at least 2 years so i dont think this is the year. 3rd or 4th round though. why not. just dont think we should be spending too much effort on Bradys replacement if he plays until 50 lol