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Guns aren’t the problem, never have been.

This topic won’t end up being about football, so it’s prolly just better to move it down tot he cove.

never even heard of the dude so even though he played NFL, this post was never about football lol. Agree that it’s private cove material.

that being said. You say guns aren’t the problem. I suggest we think that way because we are already in too deep – 400 million guns in the country. It’s too late. If you remove guns, wont crazy people use bombs, knifes, and dare i say it….guns from the black market lol. The problem is fixing crazy and as we have discovered while dating women, that just can’t be fixed.

as we saw in 2020, most people are sheep and/or will obey their government so a mass re-calling of guns could lead to a reduction but i could also see anarchy playing out/civil war….but with actual significant violence.