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Every us corporation manages to survive paying taxes in foreign countries and still making billions for shareholders

The state of Florida is fun by the GOP. The same morons who never fixed Piney Point AND who decried the American Recovery Plan …. aware now using $200 million from the American Recovery Plan to clean up Piney point. Lol

Low taxes are not some small government philosophy or economic belief. They are a reflection strategy.

As with EVERYTHING in politics there is a REASONABLE middle ground but the govt rarely falls on it because “ reasonable middle ground” doesn’t get either party elected

In the era of identity politics I agree with you. And that is because there always has to be a victims and an oppressor. Politicians gamble that more “victims” will turn out to vote than oppressors.

It’s also pretty funny that most super corporations are run by avant garde, virtue signaling progressives. They are all for paying more taxes, then find ways where they don’t have to pay taxes. In some cases, ANY taxes. All it demonstrates is they will say and do anything to keep the heat of themselves and their corporation. It’s rank hypocrisy.

I believe that low taxes should always be the goal. Not always possible because of priorities and circumstance but should be the goal. The reasons being that people IMO should keep as much of their own money as they can, and what’s more, I see the job that Govt does to resolve problems and it’s not good.