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resources being utilized to determine if Gaetz shagged a hooker when he was single, which comes with a $1000 fine.

There’s always a potential conspiracy lol

I get you point but right now HIS actions are the biggest indicator because he actually went on Fox to tell a WHOPPER of a lie that outed a federal investigation. Normally that is absolute desperation.

The only hesitation is the reality that we are talking about a Trumper and Trump and his minions have a reputation for doing incredibly reckless and stupid stuff that makes them look terrible.

Also, Grewnbergs lawyers statement is weird because a defense attorney doesn’t Usually say something like that if there is a deal PENDING. So either there already a deal (they said the opposite in court) or Greenberg’s attorney is TRYING to get him a deal, which would mean they don’t have much on Gaetz (yet)