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but off the bat that looks like pretty straight forward reporting


Not to get off on a tangent but you’re proving the point of the
“cocoon” comments. Faux News will get you every time and you call it “pretty straight forward reporting?” McCallum has defended the use of “ChinaVirus” and she called the storming of the Capitol a “huge victory” for the “protestors” for disrupting things . . only to back track later. In other words, shes is SELLING a point of view and that point of view is PRECISELY the racist view of George Floyd and the cops. She is part of the echo chambers (the “cocoon”)

Martha Macullum SPUN the passenger taking the 5th in the way the defense (or cops, no offense) would and it was nothing.

It was nothing (except on Faux News) because the prosecution concedes drugs in system. You say “defense are going to argue that drugs were a major contributor to his death” okay, but its the other way around. George Floyd could be high as a kite. The prosecution only need to prove that the knee was a “substantial factor” in his death and they have the video of him in the store acting normal RIGHT BEFORE HES KILLED, so the jury would have to believe he was acting normal but about to die from drugs???

So — just as in the Matt Gaetz thread – the defense resonates with you even when this issue is really a diversion. Its undisputed that he took drugs. Hall taking the 5th will resonate with those who are pre-disposed to the belief that George Floyd deserved to die (for passing a $20 bill) because he’s a bad guy who didn’t comply. It will not resonate with those who believe Chauvin killed him