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Torture? WTF man.

Killing yourself? Fine.

No need to take 5 innocent people with you. Smh.

that’s everyones concern. How do we fix that?

My solution is to torture if caught alive but in alot of cases like this one, the lunatic takes their own life.

theres clearly no easy fix if someone goes out and murders innocent people, children etc.

clearly they are sick. Not saying “Sick” as in i feel bad for them, but they aren’t mentally on the same wave length as the normal sheep…or um..human being.

i’m sure loved ones of innocent mass murdered victims would agree?

i mean whats your idea of a solution? it’s been going on way too long and all people do is debate politics. If you want to take away 400 million guns, ok. i dont care, i dont own a gun, but how do you plan to do that and be successful? mental health? How do you solve that?

my only objective with torture is to deter somebody from “having a bad day”.

again, it doesnt solve this situation since the dude killed himself so like i said i was just thinking outside the box, in a barbaric middle eastern civilization type way. (wait – is it racist to say that?)