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i mean whats your idea of a solution?

A good start would be to minimize the insane amount of coverage these incidents get in the media.

Anyone that falls for media coverage is an individual easily manipulated. It happens on both sides. Listen to the story but don’t listen to the news anchors slant on it or let that impact your emotions.

be a free thinker and dont just cling to your side because you “Want to be right”. Both sides have good and bad ideas and it’s the apolitical person that just doesn’t blindly follow their “party” lines that is best.

that being said, mass shooting are a problem. they should be covered. it’s happening and it should never happen, particularly as often as it does.

in terms of coverage, a police officer on average kills a person once or twice a day. Now often times, i’d say it’s justified. But you must ask yourself why has no coverage of this happened post election? I’d have to think a black male was killed in the last 4 months by a police officer. Why does the news only cover things at certain times when it’s happening daily. And that’s the rabbit hole you must go down to ask yourself who’s controlling the media coverage which is manipulating millions of Americans. And i’m saying the otherside Fox is also meant to manipulate a base. Who is pulling the strings?