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This is the year to draft a future qb in round one. There are no “must have” needs for the team. The 32nd pick is basically the second round and by drafting in round one you get the 5th year on the contract to help with the development. If TB12 plays 2 or 3 more years, it gives the team a lot of mentoring for the future qb.

problem is, when will Brady retire? If we 3-peet at the end of his 2022 season, being the only team to do so; then i could see him retiring. If not (and most likely), and he’s still playing at a competent level, and the team is contending the last 2 years (most likely) then i could see him playing past 2022.

we are obviously in the unknown here but drafting a QB to sit for one year makes sense, this guy is guaranteed to sit for at least 2 years so i wouldnt invest anymore than a 3rd round pick on it this year.

Feel they can use depth at edge, defensive line, offensive line more so than a QB that likely wont see the field for at least 2 years.