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Nah it’s a log of all your self-proclaimed victory without a semblance of logic or evidence.

I win – Biggs, probably

Was there any logic or evidence presented here, or is your self-awareness approaching Mr. Cronkite-levels?

Infrastructure is long overdue.

The sheer amount of ignorance displayed by Mr. Mayor never ceases to amaze:

The last six congress groups have averaged 150+ infrastructure bills, with one of the biggest ones happening in the 2009 stimulus. Like damn near everything else your precious government touches, they’ve been mostly wasteful and unproductive. Of course, being the Mayor of Cluelessville, this is all news to you.

What you’re dumbass can’t comprehend is I’m not even commenting on the merits of this or any infrastructure bill. I’ve simply continued to point out how utterly clueless you are regarding the fact that there have been trillions and trillions spent on infrastructure over the last decade. You’re brainwashed and completely oblivious to it, to the point where you can’t even concede you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. Like damn-near everything you attempt to comment on, you’re ignorant. It’s why you will continue to reign as the undisputed Mayor of Cluelessville.