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You think that by having spent “trillions” over decades of time, across a massive country, in debate areas of focus, across many different administrations… that somehow our infrastructure is fixed?

You are special kind of stupid….so let me give you an analogy.

I have a leak. I try to fix it myself. That doesn’t work. I hire a plumber but the issue is beyond their skill. I ignore it. Then I my wife and I debate what to do and compromise by fixing the fence and updating our light fixtures. But the leak persists. So I try to fix it again but get distracted… then I decide it’s better and easier to fix asthetics because that’s easier to look at… so we fix our doors, we replace the carpet… then after all that my pipes break and it floods my basement.

Then I say “I threw a bunch of money at my house all these years, why didn’t I fix the problem”.

So now you understand your utter stupidity on this subject… saying it’s already been addressed but not fixed…

Just a stupid sack of, full of hot air and catch phrases… just like Trump… and just like that moron, you don’t actually have the cognitive capacity to think critically enough to read between the lines.

So keep being a beta bitch with you moronic claims of “tHe MaYoR oF cLuElEsSvILle”…

You’re not actually making any points. You’re just walking joke, rolling around it your own shit.