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You think that by having spent “trillions” over decades of time, across a massive country, in debate areas of focus, across many different administrations… that somehow our infrastructure is fixed?

No dipshit, I don’t. In fact, I’ve said the opposite:

Despite all of these infrastructure bills and money spent on infrastructure over the last decade, the current state of infrastructure still has issues.

I’ve made this point multiple times in this thread, yet you still don’t get it. I used to think you were somewhat intelligent, just woefully ignorant. You are now proving me only half right. Since I’m an adult that can admit when he’s wrong, you’ve proven me wrong. You’re both ignorant and stupid, which is why every…single…point…has to be strenuously juxtaposed – and your dumbass still can’t grasp what’s being discussed.

In conclusion, lolz @ “infrastructure is long overdue” from the Mayor of Cluelessville. You can have the last word, child.