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What kind of trash/ retards think they can just go vandalize any and every major city with no consequences??

Ummmm, maybe the mass of humanity that stormed the US Capitol, being the first group to breach it since the British in the War of 1812? 😎

Ya gotta admit, when Boehner comes out his upcoming book and calls Trump out for the insurrection, ya gotta at least listen. Boehner isn’ta part of AOCs posse of angry millennials. He’s one of the old-school, TEA Party supporting, Pre-Trump GOP.

Peeps in your camp are getting just as tired of these Trumpers. I think they want their party back.

FWIW, they lost George Will, for Christ’s sake. That’s a dude that hung in every one of Reagan’s words like a lovesick teenager.

Seriously DH, DC, Roy…you want to reign in Alice a little she’s making you all sound like ccompete assholes again.


I kinda just let folks say what’s on their minds. There are times when I agree with points that scarring makes and there are Times when I disagree. I try to just give an honest response, providing I’m given a sincere comment.

If you check the Gun Control thread, you would think I’m a flag-waving NRA Member. I’m not. Personally, those NRA peeps scare me as much as the other side that want to legislate to an extreme that, personally, I think will just cause more jerks to be dug in.

As I mentioned in that thread, the BRA Gun Nuts aren’t the ones sitting to the cities. If anything, a good deal of the members; however, I’m hesitant to ascribe that to the actual NRA Leadership, also advocate for responsible firearm ownership. Every time a nut job with a weapon steps into a mass shooting, it hurts responsible gun owners as much as it does the rest of the sane people.

I’ve purchased a good number of firearms, including a Bushmaster XM15 .223 / 5.56, with a scope and two thirty rounds mags. Despite this, and despite I disagree with various groups, e.g. Q Peeps, It’s just not in me to go on a blasting rampage. Everyone has a right to their opinion, and I don’t hold a copyright on how to fix the gun crisis. I do feel, though, that the whack jobs that are doing the shootings needs to be corralled in. As such, I see nothing wrong with expanding background checks to help root out the crazies. There may be a problem here with mass shooting; however, I feel it is married to the extreme difficulty that has created an environment where there is little funding to assist in providing people with proper psychiatric care.

I possess a CWP, yet even then, I would have no problem waiting an extra five minutes for an extended check to see if I’ve gone Looney Tunes recently. Right now, I can walk into any gun shop and walk it with anything I want, sans waiting period, even if it’s pistol with a suppressor and laser sites. What damage could it do to expand laws to ensure safe firearm purchase. It really wouldn’t keep responsible gun owners from obtaining firearms; however, it may just stop one of two nut jobs from loading up for a mass shooting. There are nut jobs in both sides of the aisle, and access to firearms are available to all of them.

TLDR; Figure out a way to stop selling weapons to whack jobs, from across the political spectrum.

yet you reserve your criticism for OT and Chron while neither of them give a shit what you say.


One more response. 😎 As I’ve mentioned, everyone who gives me a cogent, well expressed response, I will respect that opinion and respond in kind, respectfully. Both you and @Spartan, , as well as DH, Roy, Fire, and Karma give me sincere responses. As such, I will always try my best to respond in kind.

Chron and OT are, well, unique, for various reasons. I’ll try to make my perceived differences brief, yet valid.

First, Chron. IMHO, which, as mentioned, is just my opinion, makes most of his posts to evoke a response. Personally, I think he just gets a kick out of poking the hornet’s nest. I used to be on his FFL, and I’ve seen his normal side. Additionally, I’ve seen him slip a few times recently, letting us see the real person behind the curtain. As a result, my replies to him are usually in jest, or to call him out, in true “blue font” style, simply based upon what his comment is about. I really doubt he’s that radical in RL.

With OT… hmmmm… that is a bit different. In light of this, I treat him a few different ways. I need to give my initial impression, and then try to explain my motivation in my responses to him.

First, OT is a bit of an enigma. Also, he never speaks of any RL experiences, so it’s hard to get where he’s coming from. As such, he reminds me of so many progress I’ve known who have succumbed to cults. If you take him at face value, he’s all Q, through and through. Back in the 70s, cults were as prevalent as strip clubs are along Dale Mabry. IMHO, there was such a large number of people back then, divided by Vietnam and searching for an alternative to life as it existed prior to the influx of cults. That made a lot of people prime picking for any number of groups.

So, bearing in mind that we really know very little about OT, and his “Q”ness, I do blow him some shit; however, at the same time, I do worry about his welfare. I could be very wrong, but I honestly think he believes all of this shit. Got that reason, if that is accurate, he needs help. Again, just my opinion.

This leads me to my reasoning for comments. When he goes on those Q binges, I usually respond with satire or parody. (I write horror and very dark narrative prose when I’m writing literary). As a result, I rarely get to practice satire.

So, my “formula” on OT posts are:

Crazy link gets an equally crazy link from either The Onion, Landover Baptist, or an occasional music video that kind of has the same desired result, which is to battle crazy with crazy.

When he rants about the “Deep State” or the “Coming Storm”, that’s when I allow myself to provide a very fictional and satirical retort.

Lastly, when he goes full tilt “we’re all Satanists that drink the blood of babies”, then I kind of play into that with some sort of facetious comment about evil or Satan. I mean, c’mon, &JBear, I’ve eaten at that pizza place, (quite good pizza actually, just no basement 😎), but do you really think I’ve ever worshipped Satan? I can also say I’ve never tasted baby blood, minus the times I’ve given myself a fat lip as a three year-old. While I remember the church prior to Vatican II, when the mass was in Latin, I can’t really quote the Catholic stance on biblical teachings; however, I can say that in all of my years of Religion Class, which is required every single year all the way through graduation, by the 70s, we were mostly taught that the Bible is not to be taken literally, but to take the writings within as a figurative user of language to be interpreted as to how we should treat each other, control our lives, etc. E were also taught that Satan in not a physical entity, but is a figurative manifestation of evil, which can dwell within the hearts of man. (Quick note I wish I knew in sixth grade 😊): Catholic schools airways lived to have us read Brave New World. Every instructor acted like they were God, we were Moses, and they were bestowing the tablets upon us. Seriously, they must’ve know we read it every year. If you want to pass Catholic School, at least back then, you could graduate with, at least a C average, by simply typing the answer: “Man’s inhumanity to man” as the response to any question where we didn’t know the answer. Chances are, we would get at least half credit for reciting the “Golden Words”. 😎

So, in those times, when OT is at his finest, I just respond in kind; however, it is always “blue font” satirical comments, or some fun phrases from the Manson Family. FWIW, I’m no more a past member of the Manson Family as I am a Satanist. I don’t even believe in Satan, and on that, I have the Catholic Church backing me, at least in their teaching that Satan was not a physical manifestation.

If any of us knew more about OT, I’d be able to better understand where he’s coming from, but he’s very much hidden behind his avatar. In the Exact opposite. It would take anyone in this board about five minutes to piece together who I am. I’ve even put a link to one of my published stories right here in The Cove, and my profile has always held a link to my IMDb Profile, so I’m hardly a bastion of anonymity.

Tucker Carlson, an ADMITTED LIAR, gave a platform to Matt Gaetz to tell a bunch of lies. Has Tucker or Faux News come back on to say “Sorry, Matt is a liar and he used us, so hear’s the truth . . “?

Most true on the Swanson Trust Fund Baby; however, did you notice how faced even he distanced himself from Gaetz with Gaetz tried to place the Tuckmeister at the scene of some gathering he was at? He rebuked Gaetz faster than a #MeToo chick at a Harvey Weinstein Film Festival. 😊

I guess, despite the trust fund, even TC isn’t comfortable being in bed with Gaetz. (Literally is figuratively).

Here’s one:

Joe Biden says “human” infrastructure bill has nothing at all to do with the GND or Socialism.

I decided to use this quote as my Dick mention of media. First, regardless of where you get your news, I feel all information requires critical thinking as well as a few healthy grains of salt.

On the topic itself, it’s all in the spin. According to the right, the Bill is rife with GND and over socialism. On the left, it’s a much needed package that creates jobs while allowing for a smaller carbon footprint. In reality, I feel it’s kinda in the middle. Is there elements of the GND in the plan? Sure there is. Biden needs to pass it through the House and maintain the kumbaya feel; however, there are some good ideas in there. Roosevelt needed the TVA, and a number of other things to pull the country out of The Depression. While not that bad right now, the apocalypse has put the world on a precipice. There is no denying there is a need to create new jobs to replace ones that have been made obsolete through updates in technology. (A vast deal of what I’ve done in my career did not exist when I was in elementary school in the 60s. This is the same thing. Also, I feel that there is no desire that infrastructure in cities and outlying areas are far past the timeframe they are meant to exist. On the tech side, I’ve written programs in COBOL and OS/370 Assembler in the 80s that should’ve been sundowned over twenty years ago. In the infrastructure side, there are bridges and other structures that my uncles built in the 60s, as Ironworkers, that are in dire need is replacement. They weren’t meant to last fifty years without some upgrades and maintenance. As it stands now, if you take Amtrak through Philly, you take your life in your hands. Personally, I don’t see how pride can keep putting off bringing infrastructure into this century.

So, yeah, there is something in that Bill to appease everyone, which is probably why It’s so divided. No knee is ever going to be pleased 100% of the time with every decision made within the legislature.

I’m not going to touch “Socialism”, as I feel that term gets overuse, yet is more fluid than the rigidity that is sometimes attributed to it.

Now, a quick word on media and how I feel everyone here has some good points. I’ll start with a fun comment Jesse Jackson made when Guest Hosting SNL. In his opening monologue, afaik, JJ made what I feel is a good observation of the press, in both sides. He did it as a joke. I’ll put it in quotes, but it’s not verbatim. I’m sure I’ll get a few words wrong.

Jesse Jackson:

“… let me tell you about the press. The other day, I was on the water, in a boat, having an audience with The Pope. A few yards away a boatload of Press were covering the event. During the discussion a Wind came up and it blew the Pope’s hat off of his head and into the water. I stood up, gig out of the boat, walked on water, retrieved the Pope’s hat and returned to the boat. I handed the Pope his hat. He thanked me and we continued our conversation. The next day, in all of the papers, the headlines read: Jesse Can’t Swim.” 😊

This is my way of saying that there is always going to be spin in any news s show, with the sole exception of possibly C-Span. When I was in Television, I was at Sky Network. IMHO, Sky tended to run a bit to the right of the BBC. I even wrote some of the filler. That said, Television is a large industry with very faded lines between media outlets. I was loaned out to work on CBN Broadcasts from time to time. We would also trade off on occasion with Al Jazeera.

In the same vein, a number of CNN peeps started off in Fox, and vice versa. Now some of my info is a bit dated. (The biggest example being that I have not watched MSNBC in over twenty years. I also don’t waste my time with OAN or NewsMax. That said, among some of the networks there is overlap. CNN has a number of Republican commentators, and they have as many Republicans on Panels as they do Democrats. (Sometimes more).
John Kasich and Anthony Scaramucci. Neither of them can be called “liberal”. Likewise, Fox has a few people who are a lot more liberal in RL than they portray on air.

My main point is that you shouldn’t really be too concerned about spin. The way to beat that is the do your own research, through credible sources, (Read: No Social Media nor YouTube vids). On top of that, take everything you hear with a grain of salt. The truth often lies somewhere in the middle. Also, IMHO, remember, or consider, one thing I believe from working in the media. I could be wrong, but if you’ve seen the structural make-up inside a network, I think it holds water. That point is, it is not the top priority of a network to deliver news. Their primary objective, from all of them, is selling airtime to anyone with the money to buy it. The news / spin is the bait they use to attract advertising. After all, these networks, before anything else, are out to turn a profit. That gives them the money to broadcast, and those broadcasts drive more airtime sales.

I could be wrong; however, that was my experience, as well as the experience of a number of my co-workers.

As if now, whether it be narrative prose or for the screen, I write fiction. It’s easier and much more believable.

If you stayed with me, thank you. If you skipped some, I just want to say that these are my opinions and solely my opinion. My goal was to not offend anyone in this multi-answer post. Line I mentioned, I can see valid reasoning in both sides of any argument / discussion. Ultimately, we’re all responsible for policing our own beliefs and no one should ever take any show broadcast with the backing of corporate dollars, and consider that these places, even PBS, needs to bring in money. PBS just bring there money in through social targeting programming where they run donation drives.

Again, just my two cents.

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.