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I agree that the special teams is one area that can be and needs to be improved this year with the help of the draft. Superior special teams have given the Saints an advantage over us and other teams during their recent run. I’m going to repost what I just posted in the Mock Draft Roundup since it’s relevant.
The narrative that we don’t have any holes to fill is the one I don’t agree with. We do have a very big hole and it’s not RB. One thing that could undermine this season would be an injury to JPP or Shaq. We were lucky last year with injuries but we have absolutely no one behind them that can pressure the QB. That kind of hit could sink this defense and the season.
An effective 3 man edge rush rotation would make this defense even better. JPP only has a couple of seasons left and he could use a breather that a 3rd rusher would give him instead of him taking plays off, which he does now and then to catch his breath. Teams in our position don’t trade back for more picks, as has been suggested. They aggressively move up to get the guy they want, and that guy has to be an edge rusher. Get a stud center/guard in the 2nd round, trading up again if you have to, and then start thinking about a 3rd down running back and special teams.
When you think about it, the tern “special teams” is a weird name for them. I’m pretty sure during the 60’s they were called “specialty teams” as in kick specialists, punt specialists. Somewhere along the line it became special teams, probably just out of laziness.