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JewHaterJoe and WillieBrown’s sidechick

Since when did Biden start hating Jews? My mom’s side of the family branches from NYC to Scranton, (home of Biden, also one of the few places Irish folk could get work, my grandfather being a railroad worker. (Remember the NINA signs? ‘Murcans we’re never particularly fond of the Irish, minus one day each year in March.), I’ve been to that area millions of times. There’sa pretty decent Hewish population in all of those areas, yet they seem to all get along swimmingly, at least since my relatives D there around the early 1900s or so. (Whenever the mass import of Irish / Chinese occurred so they could work on the railroads.)

I’ve seen less Jews down here than anywhere else I’ve been in my life, with POSSIBLY South Africa being the sole exception.

Also, ya know, instead of MAGA, I’m pretty certain there are lesser populated areas of South Africa where the pasty white folk have settled. (Maybe the ones most pissed that apartheid ended?)

The MAGA Peeps could go there. They could settle into their own land and call it New West Virginia. 😊 Just be careful not to roam too close to Lesotho or Soweto. I’m pretty certain you wouldn’t find those places to your liking. 😂

Also, when y’all have established New West Virginia, New Texas, etc, you just need to remain cognisant that the lions will not be your main problem, nor will any of the predatory cats. (They prefer Kudu and Springbok). What you need to watch out for is the South African Water Buffalo. They’re agressive as hell, live to fuck up humans who encroach their areas, weigh roughly 3,000 lbs, and have the personality of an ex-wife that didn’t get this month’s child support. 😎 (personally, I World place the South African Water Buffalo and the Great American Ex-Wife on equal footing. You don’t want to fuck with either of those species. 😂)

I’d rather have a beer bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.