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To stick with the original point I agree with others with J. Philips, Jaycee Horn but for me? Give me Owusu-Koremoah!! Imho he’d be the perfect piece to this defense. He would be Jordan Whitehead but with better coverage skills.. or a smaller Lavonte David who could possibly add 10 LBs and be his eventual replacement. Either way he’d help with underneath coverage, give us much needed depth to the secondary while also depth behind LVD. Elite coverage skills, tackling machine and effective blitzer off the edge. He is the perfect “ money” backer that teams have tried creating the last few years for guys due to limitations at another positions-
He is the first “TRUE” money backer to come along since its inception. If you had to design one in a lab , he’d be it. Which isn’t for every team but perfect in our system. It’s why he’s a legit possible “ what if” in this scenario.
He’s also a natural dog! A crazed alpha male on the field. I don’t think you can judge or grade the effect those types have on their teams. You see it in a few of our guys now and the difference it makes.

If we EVER traded up and took a C or G he better damn sure be a sure fire multiple Pro Bowler. Historically it’s proven those positions could be had later.