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I am confident the Bucs will place a premium on keeping Godwin. Beyond that, I do agree I hear many casual fans around me conflating the fact that the Bucs are not desperate for a starter from this draft with this draft not being very important. I would argue this draft and next years draft will be critical in avoiding another “losing era” for the Bucs in the near future. We need to hit on multiple picks to remain competitive in a couple years when many key guys are no longer on the roster or even in the NFL. This is why I have no issue with moving later round picks from this years draft and next years draft to move up if that is what it takes to significantly increase our chances at getting a future key contributor. Likewise, I am ok trading down if our FO feels they can get the same level key contributors at a lower pick. I am not even concerned with the position….we will just need good players on rookie contracts when we transition to the next era.