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Great way to roster build , let’s let all of our good players who we drafted walk , because they are up for new contract. And draft replacements and hope they can play , smh

Bucs will have plenty of money to sign Godwin , you re sign top 10 players at their position, you don’t let them walk

OK Penny, you make a general statement about letting all our drafted players walk, but lets talk specifics.

I’m letting Godwin walk. 1) They already had to use the franchise tag on him, which means they already have been unable to get a long term deal with him. It was nice to get Shaq resigned after tagging him, but in general it doesn’t get any easier to sign a player once they have been tagged. If he’s top ten as you say, then he’s going to get top ten money. The Bucs have to plan ahead. Can they hope to re-sign Godwin? Yes. Can they plan on it? No. They have to proceed as if they aren’t going to have Godwin.

I’m letting OJ Howard walk. Anybody gonna argue with that? Doubt it.

I’d say the Bucs can probably re-sign Cappa. Jensen will probably be the one on the O-line who may not be retained. He was not drafted by the Bucs.

Whitehead could very well continue with the team, but I don’t see him as a long term starter. I think we could use an upgrade.

So other than Godwin, where are you disagreeing with me?

The thing I’m most concerned with is that Knees agrees with me.