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The hype train amongst fans and the media that this team has no holes and is some form of avengers super team that can’t be beaten is delusional.

The front 7 is one of the oldest in the league with little to no young talent. The depth is bad. One injury and this team is screwed. Even if we stay health when JPP or Shaq sub off we can’t pressure the QB. Nelson is meh, Rochez is meh.

The OL depth is not great either. Just a couple journeymen types to sub in for injury or otherwise. Yes, most of the starters are set but they’re old and there’s a good chance a few of their performances drop – namely Suh, JPP, potentially David.

We need young talent coming through that are capable to play a bunch of snaps to counter old players form drops, injury and when these older players rest (which they will need to more so this coming season than last).