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Bucs are going to focus on trench players and ST that form depth. I am not sure they are going to be drafting players in 2021 to replace players in 2022 IMO.

For example why draft a WR in 2021 when you can draft a WR in 2022? Plus, there is a chance the Bucs can work out a deal with Godwin.

If the Bucs go BAP in the 2021 draft that will help cover most possible holes in 2022 if there are free agent departures.

Alldaway, as for why not wait until 2022 for a WR. The answer is because it takes a year or two for a WR to hit their stride. WRs usually have a learning curve. Plus its supposedly a good WR draft this year. Even though there will be several taken before the Bucs pick, there will still be a quality guy there at 32 or Day 2.

This Bucs offense needs weapons. They can’t afford to leave Brady high and dry without top quality receivers. I like Miller and Johnson, but they are not #1 WR material. I would like to see the Bucs move down to the mid 2nd round if they can pick up an extra 3rd. They would then have two 2nd round picks and two 3rds. Its a deep draft at WR. With those four picks it would be easy to address both O-line and WR in day 2.