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Yeah I don’t think most realize how big of a pick up this is for the offense. Gio isn’t just an ordinary pass catching back as he is a weapon.

I agree !! This is a BIG addition. He wasn’t a workhorse and if you watch him from last year he has pretty good burst n quicks compared to Fournette. He looks smooth in catching the ball as well. He can run it too!
Don’t forget that even while it seemed to be a bit of a struggle both Rojo and Fournette had big plays out of the backfield. Factor in all those lost plays on drops and man this is now TRUSTED, legit weapon in our arsenal.
I think when you consider what it enables us to do in the draft( he went 37th?) the fact the Chiefs recruited him heavily, and both our QB n HC wanted him bad and….we did it with no cap money? This is a great move!!! Especially when our WRs, love them, but they get hurt n banged up constantly. Force us to use a more RB/TE passing attack you’ll see the reward in this move.