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CNN today is hilarious. As another CNN pundit gets tagged by the administration for a high profile position.

Meanwhile the Front page of CNN’s only mention of unrest in Minneapolis is an article titled

“Yes, Police can pull you over for hanging an air fresher”


“How could an officer mistake a gun for a Taser?”

And nobody on team good guy notices anything wrong.

This is a complete reversal of how they covered the George Floyd riots? Now they pretend nothing happened last night and spend their energy on justifying a police killing.

Go ahead fire explain it away again. You’re house is burning down but you can’t put it out because you’re complaining about the loud music next door. Until people like you can appreciate that trying to pin all the world’s troubles on one group of people who you disagree with while shirking all responsibility when the blame goes to team good guy then you are a big part of the problem.