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I LOVE this signing. I was hoping for Jamaal Williams, Gio is older but certainly cheaper. Some will look at his YPC last year of 3.4 and think he’s done, but the Bengals Oline was atrocious and Burrow missed half the year.

He’s a fantastic pass blocker and he’s a great receiver. Our running back situation is already MUCH better then last season, and last season we were looking pretty good. McCoy’s pass blocking was actually terrible, which is why he didn’t see more work on third down last year.. Lenny was just okay in that department. Gio should get plenty of looks in 2021, and make sure Brady stays upright.

With a healthy OJ and Gronk, plus Gio on third downs.. maybe we won’t have to play the swing tackle as much as we did last year to protect Brady and give opposing defenses even more fits trying to cover all the weapons.

This signing all but guarantees we pass on an RB early in the draft which I’m very happy about… I’m hoping for DT/EDGE/CB/S in the first. Someone who can get on the field and make some plays.