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I’m shocked you can’t remember all the times I’ve talked about it…. yes that’s sarcasm.

I criticize hate law because it criminalizes thoughts which ought to be completely fucked up to any rational and thoughtful person.

Did I say Antifa? oh wow you got me there. You say Antifa doesn’t exist and I’m a bad guy for even mentioning that it does. And you’re still running around calling everything you disagree with a lie but Antifa doesn’t exist doesn’t qualify? WTF ALice.

As you know damned well, I have spoken out for a major reform of the way that we police several times because I actually am a libertarian leaning Republican. I can not stand the old Neocons who you fawned all over because they criticized Trump but you loved those creeps. John McCain! Don’t even get me started there. As you know damned well because I’ve spoken about it many times, the militarization of our police is completely wrong in a free society….. which by the way we do not have but it is my ideal. In a free society policing would be completely different out of necessity but as it is now neither major political party is actually working towards a free society so all we can do is try to change our policing in small ways towards that respect of all “INDIVIDUALS”.

This is the root of something fundamental that you refuse to understand about me.