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Why is he a piece of shit, liberal who lives in Oregon?

Some suggestions:

Floridians are allowed outside?

Florida Seniors didn’t get locked in death traps to die like they did in the good blue states?

Florida’s economy is booming?

He let a grocery store chain (A corporation) distribute some of the vaccine?

Ohhh I know… I heard this one the other day and is an actual left wing argument. Desantis is a POS because he prioritized the vaccine go first to the weakest and most vulnerable among us above teachers. You douchebags are freaking hilarious.

And I forgot all about the very terrible…. Florida kids have been in school since last August!

It’s just ridiculous how you parrot the left wing talking points memo without seeming to know that’s what you’re doing.

I live in Florida and I deal with a large number of people, many of whom are transplants from blue states and the overwhelming majority of those people….. fuck it…. almost all people I’ve spoken to this year…. hundreds and hundreds of people. I can’t even remember one person who told me they’d rather have been in any other state during this pandemic.

Fire Just STFU and get back in your basement like all the really good people.