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The fact you can’t acknowledge good news without caveats, perhaps that is telling?


My post says “good news is good”

You are so INSECURE about DeSantis that you started a thread that says “DeSantis KEEPS WINNING .. . “keeps winning” . . . when he is literally under fire for multiple acts of corruption INCLUDING HIDING ACTUAL CV19 numbers, no less

maybe dont try so hard? DeSantis is probably both good and bad, right? Like most people.

You got that talking points memo I see. It’s a coordinated attack which you are right on the cutting edge of every time all the while feigning objectivity and independence.

Last I heard you also don’t live in Florida.

I live in Florida and I deal with a large number of people, many of whom are transplants from blue states and the overwhelming majority of those people….. fuck it…. almost all people I’ve spoken to this year…. hundreds and hundreds of people. I can’t even remember one person who told me they’d rather have been in any other state during this pandemic.

Yes I just quoted myself.

But I still haven’t met one single person who wishes they had been in New York through all of this. That’s why it’s so crucial that the DNC get all their foot soldiers, er… pretend Republicans in line on this quickly. I believe Fire doesn’t even know he’s regurgitating DNC attack plan alpha but you on the other hand have spent way to much time pretending to be objective for me to believe that you don’t understand exactly what you’re doing.