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I believe Fire doesn’t even know he’s regurgitating DNC attack plan alpha but you on the other hand have spent way to much time pretending to be objective for me to believe that you don’t understand exactly what you’re doing.

One Truth

this comment has to be a lie — ” I can’t even remember one person who told me they’d rather have been in any other state during this pandemic.”

One very simple example. For political reasons — and ONLY political reasons – Florida took away the most common choice for school IN OTHER STATES which was a hybrid approach. Florida said “choose now and its final, remote or brick and mortar.” LOCAL (you’re a small govt guy, right?) LOCAL school districts even sued and Florida retaliated by threatening their budgets.

Like I said, I chalk it up to trolling, but maybe you are just misinformed BUT That one difference ALONE is why many parents would have preferred many other red and blue states over Florida