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Just because an “old Neocon” was wrong about a war doesnt mean they are permanently wrong about everything. This is the problem with people like you, you dont deal with a topic on the topic, you put people into buckets and use the buckets to NOT have to consider anything that hurts your sensibilities. So, for example, forget the merits of anything Biden proposes (even when identical to Trump) because . . . lmao . . he’s actually AOC . .its SOCIALISM!

Wrong again. John McCain wasn’t just wrong about war he was wrong about creating a police state, illegal spying, assasinations of anyone deemed a threat. John McCain was responsible for rounding up and even murdering more brown and black people than even Trump and Obama. Guantanamo might not even exist without his support. What was he ever right about? By your standards I guess he was right about Trump. Well whoopide doo! He’s on your side about Trump so we absolve you of your sins?

As for the Biden crap. I judge him on his policy which so far looks like socialism light to me. That said, it’s fair to say that I’m also making a conscious decision to spend the next four years pretending to be Virgil or Axcel or Crown of the last four years without starting 20 threads a day. You can thank me now for that last bit.