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Everyone’s shitting on SMB but during our mid season drought the whole secondary was terrible, as was the defensive play calling. Soft zone coverage, simple predictable and ineffective pass rush, the corners got BBQ’d. It didn’t seem like there was any team specific game plan until our bye week.

Down the stretch and into the playoffs it looked like the DBs were communicating much better, Bowles was dialing up lots of disguised looks and having Vea back got JPP and Shaq plenty of 1v1 looks.

All that said, there aren’t many weak starters on the team so it’d be a toss up between Whitehead, SMB and Cappa. Not many teams have the talent we do across the board. We have the best front 7 in the NFL, no question about it.

If you asked me early in the year, my answer would be way too easy, Don Smith… but he stepped it up big time down the stretch.