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Proven lie? How’s your reading comprehension? From the article you offered up as proof:

Meredith Beatrice, spokeswoman for DeSantis, responded: “The Governor’s office statement from yesterday still stands, which is: This was not a state supported senior community vaccination site, nor was it requested by the Governor.”

Jason Mahon, spokesman for the Florida Department of Health and Florida Emergency Management Division, said in an email, “To be clear, neither the Division of Emergency Management nor the Department of Health ever directed Baptist Health to open a POD [point of dispensing] in Ocean Reef. Any statement to the contrary is false. From the beginning the state has sent the COVID-19 vaccine to support hospitals in their efforts to vaccinate the most vulnerable. We will continue to do so.”

Come on man. You’re the door who also parroted DNI Radcliff’s BS

Read DeSantis statement, contradicted by the people on the ground. He gives people like you cover up he willfully obtuse, but the lie is obvious