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2020 Trumpers “AOC is actually in charge of the Dem Party (and Biden0 ”

2021 Trumpers: “AOC is the least effective person in Congress”

How impressive…

AOC is branded ‘one of the least effective members of Congress’ in study after her bills received no action in committees and no floor votes

*While AOC introduced 21 ‘substantive’ bills to Congress, her legislation failed to progress any further, according to the Center for Effective Lawmaking

*None of the legislation received action in committees, floor votes, nor did any become law

*Ocasio-Cortez ranked 230th out of 240 Democrats across the country and was dead last among the 19 that are in the state of New York

*The Center for Effective Lawmaking ranked lawmakers’ effectiveness based on data including how many bills they sponsored and how far the bills progressed

(didn’t think that one through)