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Hard to evaluate this. Once Bowles figured out we weren’t a soft zone, cover 2 defense… everyone came together and played better as a unit.

So to say SMB is the worst… well once the scheme adjusted he was much better. Just a tough one to truly evaluate.

Are we talking about the 7-5 Bucs or the team that won 8 straight to win the Super Bowl?

If I had to pick based on the latter (who played the worst when we played the best) I’d have to see the grades.

Suh regressed but his value is tenacity and gap integrity.

SMB was boom or bust, but he was big when it mattered most.

Cappa got hurt and was average at best.

Pinion wasn’t great.

Godwin struggled too, but that was his finger.

Jensen gets love for tenacity as well but he wasn’t winning at the line for his pay…

So my vote would be Jensen, Pinion, and Cappa