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What the heck is this? Is this supposed to make me feel better? This is twisted shit if it’s a real law.

Lets just increase the penalty for any crime committed against any minority by any non minority and while we’re at it lets just cut the penalty for crimes against white people in half… out of fairness.

I want to say something really rude here….. but I won’t. The key point I was trying to make in this thread is that this is/will be weaponized against “deplorables”. You dismiss the premise out of hand and spend your time quibbling over legal nuance.

It’s Nazi Germany all over. Single out a group of people for scorn, enact unfair laws, allow misuse and weaponization of those laws which was the intent the whole time. Viola! A perfect society is born.

I mean, who isn’t motivated by bias against minorities according to the majority of the left. The whole system is systematically racist right? I can’t even understand how you could argue otherwise. That cop is a product of a racist system designed to oppress people of color. The system is built on bias. A law like this, in the world we live in is not healing anything it’s making the divisions worse and it’s not going to end how you hope it will.

Progressives always think they can fix the whole world just by reversing injustices. As if creating a new injustice isn’t a problem at all. You can’t fix injustices of the past! The past is over. Now, you can make a better world but it starts with real equality not this bastardized version that always wants to take away from someone to give to someone else.