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I wasn’t a fan of Trump and I’m not a fan of the new regime too. How the fuck do we end up with these awful candidates every election? Does nobody with real integrity want to step up? The way the media is now days I probably wouldn’t want to either. Your just gonna get torn to shreds so the dinosaurs in congress/government can control the narrative and media. Fuck big tech too for controlling what people see. Not enough people out there thinking for themselves just whatever mainstream media says is the truth! Which boggled my mind how people would just take what’s told to them as truth. Maybe it is but how do you really know for sure? How do you know they aren’t taking you for a ride for their agenda. I dont think they care about anybody. They just act like they do. All the shit going on the last year has been for an agenda and they are taking everyone who holds what they say to heart for a ride. The division of the people is done for a reason. Just my 2 cents.